What is our vision at TRSC?

Tristate Revolution Soccer Club strives to be a leader in competitive youth soccer for the Siouxland area.

What is our mission at TRSC?

The mission of Tristate Revolution Soccer Club (TRSC) is to introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.  TRSC strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game.   All members of TRSC (players, parents, coaches, managers, treasurers, board members, Director of Coaching, etc) are expected to support each other in all aspects as we are all in this club together working for our children’s development, on the field and off.

 What are TRSC’s goals?

  • To develop all of our players to the best of their ability.

  • To provide a fun, quality soccer experience for all youth who desire to participate.

  • To promote excellence in sportsmanship and conduct in all players, coaches, referees and parents.

  • To offer education and training in all facets of the game for players, coaches, referees and parents.

What is the focus for ages 10-14?

  1. To provide a fun, but challenging atmosphere that will foster a desire to play at the highest levels reaching their maximum potential.

  2. To prepare the players to meet the ever changing demands of the game by teaching the players the necessary technical skills that will give them the confidence to play at the high school and collegiate level.

What is the focus for ages 15-19?

  1. To prepare the individual and team for the next level of competition emphasizing team tactics and functional training.

  2. To create a competitive atmosphere that will develop proper attitude and mental toughness to deal with pressure and be able to perform.

What does a typical club soccer season look like?

We strive to provide a positive experience for all families who make the club soccer commitment.  We hold open player evaluations in June of each calendar year for new players (boys and girls) from the ages of 10 – 12.  Older players may request a try out for a TRSC team.   The opening day of our club calendar year is August 1, and the commitment to the Club runs through July 31 of the next year.  The training is broken down into a Fall and a Spring Competitive Season (including league and tournament play).  TRSC indoor season (November through March) is optional but highly encouraged.  We also offer Summer and Winter technical programs.  This is for your player to focus on their personal ball skills with our technical coaches.

What are TRSC expenses?

The cost to play at Tristate Revolution Soccer Club is $400 for a registration for that calendar year (August 1 – July 31).  Registration includes player card, coaching fees and Summer & Winter technical sessions.  Each year the player will need to re-register for their player card in June.  Once registered, the player will need to purchase a uniform.   Each player will pay for what they participate in.  If you roster for a tournament, you will need to submit payment for the tournament fees.  If you play league, you will pay league fees.  This is in addition to your personal expenses such as personal equipment (cleats, shin guards, soccer ball, etc), travel, hotels and food.  Here is the breakdown:

Yearly Costs:
Player Pass/Registration/Coaching Costs/Technical Training — $400
Uniform — Approximately $150 for two full sets of uniforms  (2 year rotation)

Seasonal Costs:
Coaching Expenses — varies — teams pay for coach’s travel and lodging

Tournaments — Each tournament costs around $45 per player
League  — $60-$70 per season per player
All travel and personal lodging/dining are additional to this.

Where does our money go?

The club collects registration, coaching and technical training fees. All tournament and league fees are paid directly to your player's team.  All of our administrative work has been done by volunteers.  TRSC has NO PAID STAFF other than coaches and a director of coaching education.  All of your money goes into actual costs for upkeep of our fields (fertilizing, mowing, mole abatement, etc), coaching education, Iowa Soccer fees, new goals, gear, and non-personnel related administrative costs (website, registration software, marketing, etc).  Our board works hard to keep playing as affordable as possible.  Summer and winter technical training is included in our registration fee!  We believe that is what helps our players to develop.  So the next time you see our beautiful grass at Ruegger - know that your registration dollars are hard at work!

When does TRSC practice?

Most of our teams practice two-three nights per week.  Ruegger field (4800 Laurel Ave in Sioux City) is always available for our teams to train but some teams find other locations closer to their homes.

How much does TRSC travel?

Some of our teams travel to the Omaha area to play in a league. These league games are generally on Saturdays or Sundays.  Tournament travel is dependent on which team you play on.  Our teams travel anywhere from Minneapolis to Des Moines to Kansas City.  Some of these tournaments require an overnight stay in a hotel.  There is fundraising available to help offset these expenses.  Please contact our Fundraising committee for ideas on how to help with the fees.

What are playing time policies?

Our playing time policies change and grow as the player and team evolve. Playing time looks very different for a U11 team than it will for a U17 team.  Every TRSC player will get an equal opportunity to EARN playing time. This is earned by attending practices, working hard, getting good grades, and staying positive..  However, playing time will not be equal.  Every coach has different rotations and ideas but ultimately we are a developmental club.  That means we will develop your player and we will make every effort to win all the games as we go! Opportunity is given to those that want it.  Show up!  Work hard!  And be rewarded!  Tristate Revolution is a great place to learn and play soccer in Siouxland.

Why are rosters at the younger ages so large?

In this area, no one else is going to train the soccer players that we need.  We cannot expect to add new players later and have them at the same skill level as the players we have.  We know (and have experienced) the natural attrition that happens as players age.  Teams that tried to keep their rosters small do not survive through the transition from 9 v 9 to 11 v 11 and then the transition from middle school to high school.  We want to ensure that YOUR player always has a team to play with; therefore we seek to train as many players as will be needed in the lifetime of your player.  The trade off that we are prepared to make is possible diminished field chemistry due to rotating rosters to ensure YOUR player has a full team with which to develop past the 11 & 12 year old age groups.

Can we wait a year to join?

We would highly encourage you to join at the U11 level, and most certainly by U12.  While your player will continue to develop athletically through other endeavors, we have not found that any other program develops the touches and skills specific to soccer - even recreational soccer.  We have also found that many players are incredibly frustrated when joining at the U13 or U14 level and spend a lot of their time catching up at practice rather than playing on the field.  In addition, please know that as we continue to grow some teams will not have room for new, INEXPERIENCED players.

What about TRSC Uniforms? Gear shop merchandise?

All TRSC uniforms are ordered through our vendor.  These are board approved and are the responsibility of the player.  It is our intention to wear one uniform set for 2 years before changing styles.  The Club will have a new uniform (kit) in the summer of odd numbered years.   All teams will wear the uniforms that the Board approves.  The TRSC Gear shop offers branded sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, backpacks, caps and other fan gear for players, friends and families!

Does TRSC offer technical training?

Tristate Revolution is focused on developing players at every level. We practice two to three times a week with our teams.  In addition to this team training, we offer technical training and goalkeeper training.  These sessions are run by our licensed coaches and Director of Coaching.  They are optional but highly encouraged.  Each technical training session will be scheduled according to each season.

I am interested in joining, now what?

The club has open tryouts in early June for the season which runs August thru July.  If you would like to join an existing team in the middle of a season, please fill out the contact page information and your information will be forwarded to the appropriate team.

If you have any questions about TRSC or would like to tryout for a team, please contact contact@tristaterevolution.org or reach us on our Contact page.