Return to Play

Dear TRSC Families,

Our return to play is finally here! We are extremely excited to see all of our teams get back to action next week with the start of practices on July 6th. As we move back toward normalcy for TRSC, we want to ensure everyone that we are keeping safety at the top of our list. While we want competitive play resumes as soon as possible, that will not come to fruition if the proper care is not taking to protect the health of our players.

We want to ensure all families are aware of the current rules that are in place, both by Iowa Soccer and TRSC. Coaches have also been made aware of the following rules. Ruegger will be limited to 2 teams during each session, with each team receiving half of the practice area. Players will be spread apart by 6+ feet and no cross play will happen at this time. Here are a few important topics, but please be sure to read the below graphic for additional ways to stay safe.

  • Please ensure you keep your child home if they show any Covid-19 symptoms

  • Players should wait until the previous teams are off the practice field to enter

  • Players encouraged to wear masks to and from practice, but are not needed during practice

  • All players must bring their own ball and water bottle (no sharing of these items)

  • The restrooms are unable to be opened at this time to eliminate shared spaces

  • Parents, please remain in or at your vehicle, no parents are allowed in the practice area

  • Please refrain from congregating in groups in the parking area to reduce exposure

Thank you everyone for being diligent on these matters. The sooner we can determine a safe playing environment, the sooner Iowa Soccer will help to move us to Phase 3, which will allow for more game-type practices. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns as we return to play.


Tyler Zellmer

TRSC President

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